Solving the Teardrop Problem

We began a short time ago in a small garage wanting to build a small camper to pull behind my Jeep when off-roading in Colorado and Utah. We began searching the internet for ideas and quickly discovered that market leaders had waiting times in the area of six months. We then searched for kit manufacturers, thinking it would be a fun winter project. There was little to nothing available with any degree of quality or style. Being problem solvers, we decided to build our own. After researching premier builders of teardrops, we took the ideas we liked and sketched some things onto paper and began cutting some wood. We quickly ran into some problems. Accuracy, speed, and quality suffered. After looking around various Facebook pages and forums, we discovered there were a number of people experiencing the same struggles, primarily, efficiency in the build and building with precision. 

That's when HYK Outdoors was born!

Along the way, we began to explore the idea of creating a kit that could be built in someone’s garage, just like we tried, but would not take months or years to build. From this we began to develop our kit concept. Through many trials and errors, we were able to hone our kit concept and produce a product that was both quality and efficient.

Concept to Reality

We held our first "build day" where we invited a handful of people to come build a camper with us from the ground up. Providing only the kit pieces, tools and a little guidance where needed, our builders blew us away with building out the entire shell in under 3 hours. Our goal was to make a "build-it-yourself" teardrop that just made sense and we are confident we have done just that!

From Kit to Camping

The outer shell of our kits can be assembled in 3-6 hours (depending on skill level). Additional kit parts can be added along the way to tailor each kit to your desired preferences and lifestyle. Aluminum skins for the sides and top, electrical wiring harness, doors, hinges and drawer slides, lights, and the trailer with wheels, tires, and fenders can all be purchased one at a time or all together to allow you to complete the build in days or weeks. You'll go from kit to camping in no time!



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Posted 01/20/20


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Rentals are ready. Are you ready to rent?

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